Livin' The Dream :-) is here for you to follow and join in on our cruising and travel adventures! Unlike many other sites that simply recycle content from the web, what you will find here is all original, shared from our own travels and experiences to bring you aboard as we keep Livin' The Dream :-)

We make Your Beach Within Reach! Have a look at the About page to learn more about the 'Boogaboo Crew', our travels and inspirations that keep moving us forward. It's really kinda cool, actually :-)

Latest News

  • New Site Launches


    The Boogaboo Crew launches the all new '' web site, complete with expanded tabs, including Boogabooster Store & More and Portfolio.

  • One Million YouTube Views!


    It's with great pride that we announce that our YouTube Channel has topped the One Million mark in total views :-) And not even one Justin Bieber video!


"It is our sincere hope that you enjoy our stories, photos and videos and will follow our adventures as we continue to enjoy 'Livin' The Dream' while we take you along for the ride.” - The Boogaboo Crew